Finally, an Update


The last update for the site happened when I was preparing for the release of Walk the Earth. I set up a theming system so that I could switch between different site themes since I wanted a theme for the new album. I've been meaning to update, but I kept delaying it.

I intended to create a more interesting blog post, but I overlooked the accessibility of the current site theme when I built it. So for the last five months, it's been failing a handful of tests. I've fixed those, but no time for anything else.

I have a handful of things I'd like to write about soon. I'll make a list to remember and update with links later.

  • Barrel aging hot sauce
  • Building a tool for organizing my favorite cocktails
  • A retrospective on Walk the Earth
  • A post for each guitar I've built
  • Something about the Tone Master Pro I just got

I also put together a quick About page, but it's barebones for now.

Taking some inspiration from Simone Silvestroni, I'd like to have a lot more of my personal interests and projects here, rather than it just being a landing page for my music.