About Mykie Frankenstein

Mykie Frankenstein blends western motifs with gothic intrigue. He weaves haunting tales of isolation and regret resulting in an sonic journey across dusty prairies under a pallid moon.

Who I am

I'm a musician from Northern Colorado. I write music that leans both goth and western and perform several instruments in my albums. I'm in a rockabilly band that will hopefully soon have a public release. I've also worked several times with Jessica B. Kelly & the Void Conspiracy.


I own several guitars, but these are my primary recording guitars

Gretsch 5420tg in Cadillac Green

Modified with a set of TV Jones T-Armond pickups and a customized pick guard depicting Frankenstein, and strap locks. I'd like to replace the tuners with locking tuners but I'm hesitant to drill out the holes to fit them.

Baritone Barncaster

A Telecaster style guitar I built from (ethcially) reclaimed white oak that had previously been the floor of a trailer with a cap that was sourced from the floor of a boxcar. It has a set of TV Jones Starwood pickups. Made in America, save for the Gotoh tuners.